Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The One About Mushrooms...

"Everything you ever wanted to know about mushrooms" - continued musings on topics posted recently at Stasia's Place Of Grace.

It's my goal to share with you podcasts about creativity, fiberarts, daily life, and interesting (I hope!) tidbits relating to books, music, food, and the arts. Topics might come from my main blog, but there will be additional audio goodies here. Your comments and suggestions will be most welcome - please e-mail me at the address in the sidebar.

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Resources for this podcast:

Theme and incidental music by Stasia and Jeff.
Additional song, "Little Magic Mushrooms" by Bedtime Story at GarageBand.com.

Special thanks to Nathania for the mushroom kit that started this all.


Fungi Perfecti

Illinois Mycological Society

A Cook’s Introduction To Mushrooms – Mycological Society of San Francisco

The Fungus Among Us - Virtual Museum Canada

Their info on mushroom stamp collecting.

A site about the author of “Mushrooms For Color” and its history can be found at a site maintained by Dorothy M. Beebee.

Imagery Winery Old-Vine Zinfandel

Mick's Jalapeño Pepper Jellies